June 2020 – Your lounge becomes your dojang!

The COVID 19 virus, has forced us to change how we teach. Over the lockdown period many TAGB instructors have been busy holding online classes via Zoom. This has given us the opportunity to both teach Royal Wootton Bassett students, and participate in other lessons from other instructors

Some aspects of training, such as free-sparring and padwork drills obviously cannot be taught in the way they normally would be. Patterns and individual techniques however can be looked at in great detail, and it has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to help students develop and improve

Between April and June we taught around 40 Zoom sessions, increasing our lessons from twice a week, to three or four. We also offered one to one sessions with all students

Really looking forward to getting back to the dojang, and finding how the benefit of such focused training has improved a students ability!

March 2020

Regretfully, we have decided to cease training at the moment. Our training locations have closed as instructed by the government, to try to contain the COVID-19 virus.

We will return to training as soon as we are able to. Please contact the school instructor, Mr Paul Luker, if you require any further information.

You can also follow us on Facebook, which we will keep updated.

In the meantime, stay safe…..and be nice to each other

February 2020

We are very proud to announce we have attained the ‘Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts’ mark

Promoted students – January 2020
Congratulations to our students who participated in the grading in Malmesbury on January 26th!

Well done to young Mr Smith who achieved an ‘A’ Pass and was presented with the grading award by Grandmaster Michael Dew – 9th Degree Black Belt

October 2019

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated the blog, but that doesn’t mean things have been quiet!

We maintain a public Facebook page, as well as a ‘club members only’ one which is updated once or twice a week, with photos, news, banter and a monthly newsletter to let students know what is coming up.

Follow our page for more regular updates!


Our October 2019 update details Black Belt training sessions, coloured belt gradings and details of extra training sessions

Our club has grown over the last year and now we have lots of new starters who are getting ready for their first grading. This is very exciting for us as instructors, to watch the seeds of knowledge getting planted and feeling proud as we watch them grade and progress

Having extra students has meant we have started to add on an extra session on a Thursday. This is targeted at specific students to ensure all aspects of the Taekwon-do syllabus is covered, such as line work, patterns, sparring and self defence.

Our grading venue has now changed to Malmesbury and is hosted by my own instructor Mrs Jackie Tombling – 5th Degree Black Belt and Mr Andrew Tombling – 7th Degree World Master. As two very experienced instructors, they ensure the gradings run very smoothly

We’ve also hosted some exciting training sessions and demonstrations for the local school, scout group and swimming club.

New students are always welcome! We pride ourselves on being a very friendly club. We have a wide range of students, from 6 years old to adults, from White Belt to third degree Black Belt. We encourage families to come and train with us. What other sport allows a Mum, a Dad and two children to all train together on an equal plane?

Black Belt promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their success in the Black Belt grading in April 2018

Mr Ben Bussey – 1st Degree Black Belt

Miss Alice Van Geersdaele – 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr Jacob Stockall – 2nd Degree Black Belt