June 2020 – Your lounge becomes your dojang!

The COVID 19 virus, has forced us to change how we teach. Over the lockdown period many TAGB instructors have been busy holding online classes via Zoom. This has given us the opportunity to both teach Royal Wootton Bassett students, and participate in other lessons from other instructors

Some aspects of training, such as free-sparring and padwork drills obviously cannot be taught in the way they normally would be. Patterns and individual techniques however can be looked at in great detail, and it has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to help students develop and improve

Between April and June we taught around 40 Zoom sessions, increasing our lessons from twice a week, to three or four. We also offered one to one sessions with all students

Really looking forward to getting back to the dojang, and finding how the benefit of such focused training has improved a students ability!

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