What happens in our lessons?

What can you expect when you come along to our lessons? While lessons will vary and lots of different activities will be practiced in the class, we are following a structure. This will revolve around the student’s specific syllabus to prepare them for their grading

Line Work

The students will arrange themselves in to lines and the instructor will ask them to perform a variety of blocks, strikes or kicks. These will be applicable to the student’s grade and will allow them to practice and improve the specific techniques required for their grading.


Each grade is given a specific pattern to perform. A pattern is a set of movements, set out in a logical sequence to simulate a threat from one or more opponents. This will be combinations of blocks, kicks, strikes and stances. As the student achieves higher grades, the patterns will become more challenging.

paul kneeling

Set Sparring

Set sparring allows the student to practice their techniques with another student. This allows them to practice distancing and timing, whilst honing their self defence skills.

The beginners begin with three step sparring. The attacking student will move forward with three punches, and the defending student will respond with ten different sets of blocks and counter attacks

The intermediate practitioner will perform a more varied set of attacks and defence.

The advanced student will practice one step sparring. They respond to an attack from both left and right, and their counter attacks will be choreographed by themselves and should eventually, at Black Belt level, include restraints, locks and take-downs

All of these are performed in a controlled and safe environment

Free Sparring

This is the sport side of the art. It allows the student to fight another student. This is closely supervised and is performed using a clear set of rules. Safety equipment is worn. The contact between students should be minimal and controlled. It gives the student the opportunity to improve their speed, agility, fitness and technique.